The employability challenge
Key skills expected by employers
What is a ‘CareerSmart’ Centre?
Why "CareerSmart"
How can I become "CareerSmart?"
CareerSmart Centre launched in Chennai

The employability challenge
Various studies by Indian and International research agencies have highlighted the issue of employability in India.
  • According to various studies conducted over the last few years, only a small percentage of graduates are considered job ready.
  • 62% of job seekers require training to be eligible for any job in the IT/ITeS sector (National Employability Study 2011 by Aspiringminds)
Initiatives to overcome this challenge at the Macro level
  • Skill-gap analysis studies and talent pool enhancement initiatives undertaken by various industry bodies
  • Education providers beginning to gear up to provide the necessary skills through various on-campus training programmes.
  • Employers investing more on in-house training and academic collaborations
AssessPeople believes that although the aforesaid initiatives can enhance employability at a macro level, the onus of overcoming the challenge at the individual level is shifting towards the job seeker.

Key skills expected by employers
  • Basic english language usage skills
  • Cognitive skills such as Analytical, Numerical Problem solving
  • Basic computer skills
  • Etiquette and hygiene
  • Soft skills
What is a ‘CareerSmart’ Centre?
The ‘CareerSmart’ centre acts as a one-stop-shop for first time job seekers to get themselves assessed and get inputs to prepare for their job search

Offerings @ the Careersmart centre
  • Assessment of english language usage
  • Assessment of cognitive abilities
  • Assessment of basic computer skills
The services offered at Careersmart are valid for 60 days. Job seekers are given an opportunity to go through assessments first at the centre to assess their current proficiency levels. The Careersmart reports highlight the specific areas that need to be improved. The job seeker can work on the specific areas identified and come back to the centre for a repeat assessment. The assessment report presents a comparative analysis of candidate performance between both the assessments

Careersmart also provides guidance on crafting resumes, understanding and participating in Group Discussions and preparing individuals to face Interviews.

Personal one-on-one feedback on the areas highlighted by the self-assessments will also be given by experienced career experts and HR professionals. This centre will enable students to go through the different services in a guided online environment.

Why ‘CareerSmart’
  • An Interactive web enabled programme
  • Helps familiarize job seekers with the different stages in the job search process
  • Helps individuals assess where they stand in each of the stages.
  • Multiple assessments with Pre and post feedback (comparative assessment analysis to check for improvements and identify areas for development)
  • Personal one-on-one feedback by experienced HR professionals (currently available only in Chennai)
  • Increased awareness of effective and ineffective approaches
  • Services offered in a guided online environment
How can I become ‘CareerSmart?’
You can become career smart by registering for the ‘CareerSmart’ programme. The service is available on the internet and can be accessed with valid access codes. You can purchase your access codes through our payment gateway instantly. To purchase the CareerSmart access codes online click here

CareerSmart Centre launched in Chennai
The first Careersmart centre has been launched in Chennai and more centres will be opened in other locations in due course of time

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